Right Leadership has been written to focus on what the author believes should be the ultimate objective of all leaders, to become invisible.

The purpose of leadership is to support the development of all people that leaders touch or influence in such a way as to ensure alignment between personal values and goals and those of the company or organization. When this alignment is optimized, results are maximized for all stakeholders – customers, shareholders and employees. They are also optimized for family and community (both local and global).

Harry Stewart Mercer takes a somewhat lighthearted but insightful approach to the various aspects of leadership to convey what he believes are the key areas of focus for leaders at all levels of an organization.

He believes that we all can be leaders in some aspect of our lives. He believes that the leadership model should be turned on its head so we focus more on service to our customers and inspiring our people rather than our image and keeping the boss happy. That will happen anyway if leaders inspire others and fade into the background.

By becoming invisible, a leader has effectively developed his or her team to be self-sustaining in a high performance culture environment. This frees the leader to take on new challenges on a broader stage. In this sense they effectively become invisible. This does not mean they disappear.

They become invisible heroes!

Harry Stewart Mercer has worked in the telecommunications industry for 35 years following completion of an honors degree in Electrical Engineering in 1971. His roles have covered a broad spectrum including engineering, business strategy, marketing, sales and operations as well as start-up ventures and consulting.

He also completed an Executive Development Program at the Harvard Business School in 1987 as well as many other business and industry related seminars and training programs. During this time he has progressed through many senior leadership roles in the private sector and has lived many interesting life experiences.

His journey has provided much insight into the characteristics of “Right Leadership”.

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Chapter 1:    My Leadership Journey

Chapter 2:    Leadership Environment

Chapter 3:    Leaderless

Chapter 4:    Leadership Essence

Chapter 5:    Values and Principles

Chapter 6:    Awareness

Chapter 7:    Learning

Chapter 8:    Communication

Chapter 9:    Inspirational Challenge

Chapter 10:  Coach and Mentor

Chapter 11:  Personal Choice

Chapter 12:  Recognition

Chapter 13:  Life Balance

Chapter 14:  Personal Fulfillment

Chapter 15:  High Performance Culture

Chapter 16:  Winning Combination

Appendix:     Leadership Progress Assessment

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